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100 Days of the Stuart Trio: 3

Here you go :) Excuse me for any spelling mistakes, I’m a bit tired ><

3. Light


The sunlight poured through the windows of one of the Stuart’s rooms, streaming over the floor and over the three boys sprawled out over the carpet. Derek scrunched up his face in discomfort as the sunbeams hit his closed eyes and he turned away, eyes fluttering open as he slowly started to wake up.

The first thing he got aware of was the weight of his friends laying practically on top of him, effectively blocking him from getting up. Logan lay sprawled over his chest and Julian was curled up on his other side, both still deeply asleep. Derek groaned—his body sore from sleeping on the ground—and he craned his neck to see the time.

He cursed loudly as he saw how late it was and he turned around to poke Julian impatiently in his side. “Jules, wake up, I need to go to practice—” But the actor just mumbled something about “scripts”, “homework” and “tired”, and scooted even closer, squashing the athlete against Logan.

“Oh come on, you’ve got to be kidding me,” Derek muttered desperately, barely able to move at all now. He put his hands on Logan’s shoulder and started to shove him off his chest. The blond didn’t budge, though. “C’mon Lo, move.”

Slightly dazed, Logan opened his eyes, looking up sleepily at his flustered friend. “Hm—what?”

“Logan—I swear to God—” Derek cursed, using all his strength to try and push Logan away. However, he was tired and he could barely move, so it didn’t work at all. “Damn it—I have to go to practice—get off me!”

Logan smirked lazily and shook his head. “We studied until three in the morning, D—it’s now five. I’m not going to move anytime soon.”

“Of course, Your Majesty,” Derek grumbled irritably. “Why did I bother to ask you?” he turned his head around and jerked his elbow in Julian’s side. “Damn it—wake up, Jules—”

Julian muttered a sharp “fuck you” and curled up more, his fingers clutching the athlete’s shirt as though to hold him still.

“Yeah—good luck with that,” Logan snickered sleepily. “If I’m not going to move, Julian isn’t going to move at all,” he added, using Derek’s chest as pillow as he closed his eyes again. “Goodnight, D.”

Derek made a frustrated sound in the back of his throat, and he checked the time again, his eyes widening when he saw he was already too late. “Fuck, it’s late. This isn’t funny, guys. Let me go—”

“Nope,” Logan replied, way too cheery for someone who was supposed to be sleeping.

Julian chose this moment to show some signs of life, and he raised his hand to smack Derek’s side. “Shut up, D—” he mumbled, covering his eyes in the crook of his elbow. “Trying to sleep here.”

Derek sighed deeply and closed his eyes for a moment, spreading his arms out over the floor as he gave up. “Coach is going to kill me.”

Julian hummed under his breath and Derek wondered if he was actually consciously aware of what was going on. “Good for you—stay still now.”

Logan chuckled merrily. “What Jules said.”

“I hate you so much,” Derek whispered under his breath, shaking his head in disbelief. He had been studying until late too, though, and his own eyelids were slowly starting to droop as traitorous sleep threatened to overtake him. “Fuck you so much.”

“You too, D,” Logan murmured, his words slurring together as he quickly drifted back to sleep. Julian shifted, groaning something along the same lines, and Derek closed his eyes and let his head fall back in defeat.

“I hate you both so much.”

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