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100 Days of the Stuart Trio: 4

Here you go, finally :P

4. Dark


The bright light of the television threw flickering shadows over the two boys on the couch, illuminating their faces and accentuating the fear in their wide eyes. Small bits of popcorn slipped from Derek’s fingers and thudded on the ground. The athlete barely noticed, staring transfixed at the screen, where his best friend acted out the scariest fucking serial killer Derek had ever seen in his life.

A horrendously terrifying scream pierced from the television through the room and Logan jumped in shock, popcorn flying everywhere as he pushed back in the pillows of the couch. His eyes were wide as saucers and he exhaled shakily as he turned towards his friend.

“Holy fuck—I hate this thing. Why are we watching it?”

The new scene started and Derek’s hands flew to his face, his jaw clenching as he shook his head in disbelief. “I don’t know, man—because we promised Jules—?” Blood splattered over the floor and the walls, followed by more god-awful screams, making both boys visibly flinch. “Ow, fuck—that’s gotta hurt—oh geez—”

“The fuck went on in his mind that he wanted to be in this movie?” Logan mumbled breathlessly, jerking back when the shadow of the serial killer appeared in the lit hallway, nonchalantly tilting his head to the side, a freakishly crazy smile on his face. Julian’s normally composed expression was contorted in a malicious, deranged mask, flickers of murderous thoughts glinting in his crazed eyes.

And it was scary as hell.

Logan cursed and Derek sucked in a sharp breath when serial-killer-Julian sneaked through the house in search for his new victim, the hook in his hand dripping with old and fresh blood, his steps rigid and uneven.

“Here, kitty-kitty,” he purred, sepia eyes glistening maniacally as they raked through the empty, dark rooms. “Here, kitty-kitty—are you coming out to play…?”

“Oh fucking hell, he’s too good for this,” Derek blurted out, fingers splayed out over his face, his eyes fearful as they peaked through the gaps. “He’s never ever allowed to play in a horror movie again, he’s too fucking good for it—oh my fucking god, what the hell happened to her—?!

“If he sees us like this, he’s going to die laughing—” Logan muttered grudgingly, wide, unblinking eyes still fixed on the television.

Derek shook his head, his face pale as the scenes played out in front of him. “I don’t even care, man. Shit, Lo—I’m never going to get over this thing.”

Just when there was a quiet scene—a moment of peace before the terror would start anew—the door to the bedroom creaked open, the sound piercing through the room in an awfully familiar setting. The light of the hallway filtered into the bedroom, throwing the shadow of a tall, slender figure over the floor, his head tilted, his crazy eyes glinting in the darkness.

Here, kitty-kitty—” the voice of the serial-killer reached out to the two scared-to-death boys on the couch, tone purring and nauseatingly sweet. “Are you coming out to play…?”

Derek could barely stifle his frightened yelp and Logan sucked in a deep breath, reaching out, his fingers digging in Derek’s arm. Before they could reason with themselves, they turned around in a flash, scared eyes wide as they stared to the door in fear.

The door opened further and Julian’s chuckle echoed through the room, his amused expression clearly visible as more light streamed into the room.

Logan’s entire body went slack, his hands covering his face in embarrassment, as Derek huffed and fell back into the couch.

“I hate you,” the athlete simply said, his eyes closed as he tried to control his breathing. “Oh fuck you, I hate you so much.”

Julian laughed loudly, his eyes sparkling and his face split in the widest grin. He lightly walked to the couch and plopped in it, his sepia gaze fixed onto Logan, who’s hands were still over his face.

“So, are you watching something fun?” Julian asked innocently, reaching forward and grabbing a handful of popcorn. “Please, enlighten me,” he smirked, laughing when Derek glared at him and flipped him off.

Julian elbowed Logan, raising an eyebrow when the prefect growled a scathing insult. “Oh, touchy are we?”

Logan dragged his hands down his face, eyes shooting fire as they drilled into Julian’s gleeful ones. “I’m going to hurt you so badly, Julian. Just—fuck you so much.”

Julian chuckled carelessly, not at all impressed, and he popped a piece of popcorn in his mouth as he hummed. “Sure, Majesty. First try to recover a bit, okay? You’re not going to hurt anyone when your arms are like jelly.”

However, all three of them started when yet another scream pierced from the television, Julian’s smirk wavering only a tiny bit as he listened to it. Derek snatched the remote from the couch and punched on the red button, all the light extinguishing as the television finally turned off. The athlete fell sideways, his head resting against Logan’s shoulder, and he sighed in relief.

“I’m never going to watch that thing again.”

Julian snickered, pulling up his knees to his chest and leaning against Logan’s other side. “You’re such a wimp, Derek. You too, Logan.”

Logan sighed, resting his head against the couch and closing his eyes in defeat. It was silent for a while—Derek and Logan still distracted by the movie they’d just watched, and Julian almost sleeping, comfortably curled up in Logan’s side, exhausted from work and stress.

Derek broke the silence, his voice cracking and deadly honest when he grudgingly admitted, “…Fucking hell, Jules, I was genuinely scared—”

Julian’s shoulders shook with chuckles, a rich laugh bursting from his lips when Logan hummed in agreement.

“I thought you were going to kill us all. Never do that again, you ass.”

Eyes closed, Julian smirked mischievously. “No promises, guys. You just need to grow some.”

“You arrogant, spoiled drama queen—”

“That’s heartwarming, Logan,” Julian muttered, planting his elbow in the blond’s side, satisfied when he heard Logan’s muffled curse.

“Play nice, ladies,” Derek remarked, “or I’ll put the movie back on.”

Logan huffed in annoyance. “Fine.”

Julian snorted as he tried not to laugh out loud. “I’m happy to be back,” he grinned casually, immediately earning loud scoffs from his friends.

“Fuck you.”

Shut up, Jules.”

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