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100 Days of the Stuart Trio: 9

This is a prompt from an4st4sia, and I shamelessly turned it into a 100 Days fic XD even though I had Julian acting a Psychopath earlier, but whatever ><  I hope you like how it turned out :P

The prompt was: A new movie that Julian is filming requers to shoot some scenes at Dalton.Julian is playing an psychopathic killer, with a very creepy and the same time sexy costume.Everyone is fascinated by the movie (or something) including Logan..

9. Cut


“Okay, Julian, try to hold the wire like this—” the director came up to the actor and took over the barbed wire Julian had been holding in his hands, showing him what he meant. “Like this. And when Lily walks around the corner and says her line, you strangle her—Lily, can I?—like this. Blood splays over the wall and the ground, Lily falls to the floor and you laugh and kiss her—that’s when the scene stops. Yes?”

Julian nodded and took back the wire, twirling the harmless plastic around his fingers as he listened to Lily ask some questions. He was dressed in leather jeans and a ridiculously thin shirt that didn’t protect him at all from the icy wind trashing over the grounds of Dalton. Glancing at the invisible line that separated set from school grounds, he caught sight of Derek and Logan, watching him with wide grins on their faces. They were wearing warm coats, and Julian had to repress the urge to flip them off.

Fucking cocky assholes.

“Got it?” the director asked after he’d explained how Lily was supposed to drop dead. Julian and Lily both nodded, shivering when a loud breeze made their clothes whip around their bodies.

“Jesus, it’s like I’m in the middle of the fucking North Pole,” Julian muttered as he readied himself for the scene.

“I can’t wait for my hot coffee,” Lily replied, shooting a longing glance at her trailer.

“Julian and Lily, to your places—and go!” they heard the director call.


From a little distance away, the students were observing the filming quietly, obviously fascinated by all the technology and people that came with it. They were pointing to the numerous cameras and sound installations, faces elated at the event happening on their school grounds.

“Have you noticed Julian’s costume is covered in blood?” Derek snorted, gesturing at their friend and the fake blood smeared over his clothes.

“No,” Logan drawled, but his eyes weren’t exactly focused on the blood, but more on the way the leather jeans seemed to be freaking painted on Julian’s legs. “He’s probably freezing, though, it’s fucking cold.” He snuggled deeper in his own coat, grinning when Julian let his head hang in frustration when Lily got her line wrong and they had to do it all over again. Julian didn’t get his lines wrong one single time, his voice smooth as he delivered the words perfectly, his expression a foreign mask of madness and murderous determination.

“He’s pretty good though, isn’t he?” Derek muttered, his eyes raking over Lily when he wasn’t watching Julian.

Logan smirked and glanced at his friend from his peripheral vision. “If you say that to him he might introduce you to the girl.”

“And I’ll never get to hear the end of it, so no thanks,” Derek grumbled, “I’ll have to do it on my own.”

“Good luck with that,” Logan snorted, earning a scoff and a smack on his head from Derek.

“Fuck you, Logan. Bet you can’t get your eyes away from Julian’s ass in those jeans—”

“Shut up, D!” Logan snapped, trying hard to not let his eyes wander over Julian’s ass again. “I am not staring at his ass.”

Derek laughed and shook his head. “Whatever you say, man, whatever you—hey, what are they doing now?” Intrigued, he watched as Julian got his face smeared with make-up—blood, it seemed. “More blood.”

“Well, he kills the girl, doesn’t he?” Logan muttered, faking disinterest, but not keeping his eyes off Julian.

The actor had his eyes closed while a woman applied a heavy layer of make-up on his face and clothes, the red liquid dripping from his cheeks to his collarbone, his hands and fingers absolutely drenched in it. He looked like an actual fucking psychopath, and after he and the actress were finished up, they looked at each other and burst out in laughter. Logan couldn’t help but chuckle too.

“And now again with the blood!” the director yelled from his chair. “Julian and Lily, take your places—keep the wire a little more to the left, Julian—and go!”

When Julian crept into his character, the changes were instantly visible. His eyes turned cold and detached, glinting dangerously, holding the memories of hundreds of deaths before this girl. His stance got unstable, his steps uneven and his movements stuttering when he stretched the barbed wire and hooked it around the actress’ throat.

Lily’s scream pierced through Dalton, frightening the students who weren’t paying attention to the filming, sending shivers down the spines of the students who were. Her last cry of agony died out to a throaty gurgle as she choked on the blood pouring out of her mouth.

Julian’s grin was terrifying, spreading all the way to his eyes, the sepia seeming to darken and to reflect a blazing insanity. He chuckled, throwing his head in his neck when he burst out in a cracking laughter, sinking alongside Lily onto the stone floor. When he was sure she was dead and Lily’s blue eyes stared into another world, he leaned down and pressed a long, passionate kiss on her bloodied lips.

“And cut!”

Lily blinked, her face coming to life again as she slowly sat up. Julian’s madness disappeared and his bored, haughty attitude returned as quickly as it had morphed into the psychopathic demeanor. They both turned to look at the director expectantly as he came walking towards them.

“Beautifully done, guys,” the director reassured them. “Take five minutes to warm yourselves up and then we’re going to do it again.”

Julian immediately stood up, his wire disregarded on the ground, and gratefully took the warm coat he was offered. He was just busy wiping away the fake blood on his face when Derek and Logan walked up to him.

“You look like you’ve been hit by a truck,” Derek stated dryly, crossing his arms over his chest and studying Julian’s face.

Julian rolled his eyes. “I look better than you on your best day,” he sneered back, turning his head to spit out some of the red liquid. “Oh gross, I hate this stuff.” He brought up his hands with the intention to wipe away the blood from his face, but he sighed in irritation when he saw that his fingers were dripping red.

“I have to admit, Jules,” Logan grinned, “you make a pretty damn convincing serial killer. Which is actually fucking creepy when you think about it.”

Julian smiled at him, blinking innocently when he asked, “You know how you can be a convincing serial killer, too?”

Logan narrowed his eyes in distrust. “I don’t think I wanna kno—fucking hell, Jules, get away from me!

Julian had pounced on him and both boys toppled over on the ground, the actor’s bloodied hands smearing over Logan’s face as he laughed out loud. “Now you make a pretty damn convincing serial killer, too,” Julian snorted, staring into Logan’s absolutely murderous gaze.

Then the actor winked and tilted his head to Derek, who was doubled over in laughter as he watched them roll over the floor. Logan’s lips twitched in a smug smirk and both boys reached out simultaneously, each grabbing one of Derek’s legs and bringing the athlete down. He immediately got covered in the fake blood too, yelling all kinds of insults and profanities as Julian and Logan were working on their masterpiece.

Suddenly, Julian looked up, laughing when he nudged his friends and brought the cameras to their attention.

“Smile,” he grinned deviously. “Now you’re going to be in the Behind The Scenes CD.”

Logan and Derek stared into the cameras, then at each other, and they groaned when they saw the other’s bloodied face.

“Thank you, Julian, for humiliating us worldwide,” Derek groaned, collapsing on the floor. “My parents are going to murder me when they see me doing this instead of studying.”

“The Senator’s gay son is lying outside, playing with two boys and make up, and you’re afraid your parents are going to murder you,” Logan deadpanned, closing his eyes and shaking his head. “This is brilliant,” he sneered, his tone sarcastic even when he wasn’t able to hide his slowly spreading grin.

Julian smirked happily, winking at the cameras before looking back at his friends. “You’re welcome.”

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