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Questions - Larythe/Jogan

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“So what does he look like?”

The Seine reflected the lights of the Eiffel Tower and of the entire city, making it seem for the boys like they were floating in nothingness—forever drifting between land and sky, held captive by the hypnotizing lights of Paris. Two bottles of wine were lying within reach—one empty, the other still full and firmly held by Sebastian.

Julian shifted in Sebastian’s arms, letting one leg dangle of the bridge, fully trusting the person behind him to hold onto him. He nuzzled closer, his eyes turning dreamy as they stared out over the gleaming water. “Why do you want to know?”

Sebastian chuckled, setting the bottle against his lips and letting the wine seep in his mouth. A line of blood red liquid trickled down his chin and Julian reached up to swipe it away, licking it off his finger after. “I want to know what I’m supposed to outshine.”

Julian snorted, laughed, and snatched the wine from Sebastian’s hands. “I need more alcohol if we’re going to talk about him,” he warned, only half joking. He leaned against Sebastian as he reached for his pocket. “I have some pictures of him—”

“No, wait—” the Parisian grabbed Julian’s hands and held them in his own, his eyes wide and honest as they met the actor’s for a moment. “I’d rather have you explain it to me.”

When Julian stayed silent, Sebastian shook him gently. “Go on, tell me—I’m dying of curiosity,” he remarked, almost sounding sarcastic even though his expression was sincerely interested.

It took a few minutes for Julian to respond and in that time they both looked out over the Seine and over the gorgeous lights and to the overwhelming presence of the Eiffel Tower—and both wondered what would become of the two of them.

“He’s beautiful.”

If the wind had been a little louder, Sebastian would’ve missed the whisper. But he didn’t, he heard it perfectly well, and he cursed his own curiosity, wishing he’d never asked about it. His face stayed carefully blank when he pulled the actor closer against his chest. “Yeah?”

“Yeah,” Julian breathed, staring at the Seine and at the countless bridges stretched over the water, absently taking a few sips from the wine. “He is.”

“Care to elaborate?”

Julian shrugged and pulled Sebastian’s arms closer around him, leaning back and nuzzling his face against the other boy’s neck. “Do you remember when we visited those caves a while ago? And do you remember all those diamonds hidden in the stones?”

Sebastian hesitated, the gorgeous stones sparkling tauntingly in his memory. “Yeah?”

“The green ones. The emerald ones. Those are his eyes.”

Sebastian snorted, remembering the beautiful diamonds and how Julian had stared at them with huge, amazed eyes. “No, they’re not.”

“Yes, they are,” Julian said, his voice faraway all of a sudden. “And when he laughs, or when he’s excited about something—I swear to god, S, they shine more brightly than the stars.” His cheeks were flushed, his expression both sad and completely infatuated as he took another drink from the wine. “He’s funny and smart and a complete ass if he wants to be,” Julian snorted, directing his eyes to the sky. He could feel the effects of the alcohol set in and as he gazed at the stars and imagined Logan’s intense stare, he could easily pretend the arms holding him belonged to someone else than Sebastian.

“Wow,” Sebastian whispered, resting his chin on top of Julian’s head as he stared in the darkness. “That sounds amazing.”

“It does, doesn’t it?” Julian breathed. “But you know what makes him the most beautiful to me?”


“His honesty. And maybe most people don’t like him being that outspoken and that blunt, but I do like it. Because I always know what to expect from him, I always know where we stand—whether it’s a bad thing or not. He’s an ass—a conceited bastard—but he’s never deceptive or deceitful.” Julian’s eyes glistened as he thought of all the deceptive people in his live, mostly Hollywood, and he nodded decisively. “It’s great, you know, to know someone who’ll always be honest with you.”

Sebastian nodded thoughtfully, burying his nose in Julian’s hair and breathing in his scent. “I’ll always be honest with you.”

This made Julian snap out of his dreamlike state, and his hands closed around Sebastian’s. “I know, S.”

“You know—he sounds kind of impossible to outshine, J.”

Julian squeezed his eyes shut, face contorting into hurt for the smallest moment before he could control himself again. “It almost sounds that way, doesn’t it?”

Sebastian hugged the actor even closer and he nuzzled his face in Julian’s neck, trailing soft kisses on his skin. “The wine is almost gone, J.”

Julian gazed down, only a little surprised when he found an almost empty bottle in his hands. “Hm,” he leaned back, eyes fluttering close and his back arching as he responded to Sebastian’s touch. “I guess we should find some new bottles then,” he whispered, his voice rough and hoarse.

Sebastian licked Julian’s throat teasingly and jumped off the banister, the actor following him instantly. The two boys nearly tumbled over when they hit the ground, chuckling when they collided and embraced each other tightly. They stumbled away over the bridge, laughing and clinging to each other so they wouldn’t fall over, drunk with wine and love.

And when Sebastian pulled Julian close and their lips locked—their kiss long and passionate and sweeter than any wine in Paris—Julian forced the last fleeting thoughts of Logan out of his mind, saving the hurt and heartbreak for another time. He didn’t want to forget—he’d never want to forget—but he wanted to be happy this time, he wanted to be as carefree and as reckless as Sebastian right now. So Julian smiled as they broke out of the kiss, and when Sebastian’s eyes glistened in mischief and he pulled the actor through the for him familiar streets, Julian laughed and staggered after the Parisian eagerly.

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