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kevlarland: the date go?

It was niiice :) 

Only—like—there’s this one thing where he’s a bit shorter than me -_- And that kind of sucks. But I guess… he’s really sweet, so I guess that’s okay? Or something?

I have honestly no idea if this is going to work out, which is maybe a problem, cause he started talking about ‘long term’ and ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’ and I was freaking out, because I’m not good at relationships at aaaaall and he was already telling me that he was ‘already addicted’ and I was like ‘oh god, stooop talkingggg’. But I told him to slow down, cause come on, this is the first date, shut up XD And he said he wouldn’t be pushy and stuff, so I guess that’s good? I don’t know, siiiiiigh, I don’t want to hurt him if this is not going to work out, but you know, I have to be honest too, right? But I’m just going to give it a shot, I think. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen, I’m just going to try it out.

Oh man, I’m so bad at this. Sometimes I think that maybe I’m not bi, but that I’m just a full blown lesbian >< But maybe that’s only because I’m so scared for relationships, I;ve never had something with a girl anyway, so I wouldn’t know and;alksjfklf I”m rambling now, have you noticed? XD


He told me I have pretty eyes :3 So that was sweet >< And I don’t know, I’m just going to give it a shot, and if it’s not going to be anything, I’ll just tell him. Ugh, this is so difficult. Why is it always so difficult for me ;__;

Siiiiiigh. But yeah, the date was nice :)

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