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I'm Rose.

Writer, dreamer, student.

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Her hands were small and delicate and all-knowing as they slid under his shirt and moved up his body. He moaned in her throat, feeling her shiver and writhe in his arms, her legs tightening around his waist as she pressed even closer.


Derek absently hummed an answer, one of his hands smoothly unhooking her bra, the other simultaneously pulling down her tight-fitting jeans. “Yeah?” He pressed her back on the bed, hovering over her, straddling her as they deepened the kiss. Casey was trapped underneath him, her breasts so sensitive it almost hurt as they moved over Derek’s chest, moans and heavy breaths escaping from her lips. 



Her hands were in his hair, fingers grasping onto brown locks and forcefully pulling his head down. 

"Why—why, why—” Casey broke off in a loud moan when Derek’s hand traveled down, his fingers playing between her legs, making her cringe in longing. “Why are we on Logan's bed?”

"Because—" Derek groaned, halting in his movements for a few seconds when Casey’s cold fingers wrapped around his hard on. "Because Julian and he had sex on mine—”

"Ew, gross—”

"Let’s make it a sweet revenge," Derek smirked evilly and he took a few seconds to lock eyes with the beautiful girl underneath him. They both grinned deviously before their lips met in a crash and the mattress squeaked in protest at the force their bodies collided with.

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