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"Okay, no, this has to stop," Julian bluntly said, dropping down besides Logan and swatting at his boyfriend’s arm. Logan looked up from his text book, his curious expression turning into a disturbed one pretty quickly when he followed the actor’s stare.

"They are having sex everywhere,” Julian hissed. “I can’t look anywhere without seeing Derek with his hands in Casey’s fucking panties.”

Logan glowered at the couple, not too enthusiastic to interrupt them. Not after last time, when Casey had thrown a book at his face. There were a lot of books around right now. “They’re not being completely indecent…” he murmured dubiously, glancing at Derek and Casey making out before turning back to his books.

Julian narrowed his eyes at the blond. “Not yet, at least. Aren’t you supposed to do something against it? You being the prefect and all that?”

"But it’s Derek, Jules—”

"No. No, no, no. This—” Julian gestured dramatically to the moaning couple, “this is Derek with Casey. Something completely different. They had sex on my bed last week, Logan.”

Logan still hesitated. “They’re not… they’re just kissing.”

"You can’t see it from here, but her skirt is off,” Julian replied dryly, crossing his arms as he stared at the blond expectantly. “Well? Do something about it. Destroy our best friend’s ‘happy hour’, which he deserves. Tell him I said hi.” He shoved Logan’s shoulder. “Go.”

Logan’s face scrunched up in disgust. “But… her skirt’s off.” At Julian’s “so-what?" glare, Logan pretended to shudder. "Lady parts."

Julian’s eyebrows rose, his eyes wide behind his sunglasses as he stared incredulously at his boyfriend. “…you are such a fucking coward, you know that right?”

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