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Of Friends, Nice Nights and Phones

halleluja praise the lord i wrote something nice and fluffy again

stuart trio 


The shrill ringing woke him up in the middle of the night and he could hear Julian next to him mutter a curse as he got up and, in a mess of blankets, threw himself over Logan and Derek to reach his phone.


"I’m sorry, D.”

“No you’re fucking not.”


Logan smirked, staring at the outline of Julian’s slender frame in the darkness, his eyes still heavy with sleep. He remembered nice day they’d had and the late-night studying—well not necessarily studying, since Julian wasn’t attending any college and had been learning his scripts—the much needed catching up—god, they hadn’t seen each other for a long time—and the true and utter happiness he’d felt—first time since he saw them last?—and the quickly stolen kisses and touches with Julian.

Yeah, it had been a good day. And an even better night.

Julian was still fumbling for his phone, having let it slip through his fingers and losing it in the night and the covers of their fake bed (mattresses and pillows and blankets thrown on the floor and unceremoniously dubbed “bed for kings” by their drama-queen actor). Derek sighed in exasperation and shoved Julian’s shoulder, making the latter completely lose sight of his phone, the ringing growing insistent and annoying, breaking the night with its sharp calls.

“Jules, who the fuck would call you in the middle of the night?” Derek growled as he half-heartedly patted the covers around him, anything to finish that goddamn deafening ringing.

“I’m a very important person, Derek.”

“Ah, fuck you.”

“You should, maybe you’d get important too.”

“Like me.”

Julian nodded in confirmation. “Like Logan.”

Derek’s only answer was a dark glare he sent the cocky blond’s way. “Remind me why I’m friends with you again.”

“We’re very important people, Derek. Everyone wants to be our friends.”

“Thanks Julian, for your input.”

“We’re goddamn hot. It attracts girls.”

“Yeah okay,” Derek said, nodding slowly, “you make a good argument.”

Logan shrugged, putting one hand on Julian’s ass and using the other to tug on the actor’s shirt. “You found your fucking phone already or what?”

“Give me some fucking time—”

The incessant ringing stopped abruptly and Julian smacked his hands down in despair, barely caring that he hit Derek in the process. “Goddamn it, look what you did.”

Derek whacked Julian’s head and Julian responded by shoving Derek’s shoulder, which made the athlete drag the actor down and—

“No no on, stop—“ Logan took a hold of Julian’s arm and tugged him until the brunet fell on top of him. “It’s like 4am, stop fighting, kids, and go to fucking sleep.”

“You’re no fun.”

You’re no fun.”

“You’re a pretentious douche.”

“Am not.”

“Just like your pretentious douche of a boyfriend.”

 “Okay, excuse you, but just because you can’t appreciate a social life—”

“Goddamnit guys, can we safe this for tomorrow?”

“Yeah, real nice conversation to be having over breakfast.”

“Like you’re going to be having breakfast, you’ll probably sleep until 2pm.”

Again, just because you don’t have a social life doesn’t mean I don’t have anything to do all day and night. It’s tiresome, I need sleep when I can get it.”

Stop. Guys. I’m serious.”

“God, when did you become such a mother, Lo?”

“Yeah, it used to be Derek.”

“Oh fuck you.”

“I think Casey’s for that.”

“You’re such a child.”

Shut. Up. If anybody’s talking beyond this point I’ll whack them in the fucking face, I swear to fucking god.”

Julian snorted, curling up against Logan’s side and closing his eyes almost demonstratively. He smiled when Logan pressed a kiss in his hair though, and Logan smirked triumphantly when he saw it.

Huffing, Derek turned around in the blankets and a sharp crack broke the early morning and Julian’s fists clenched in frustration—Logan could feel them twisting his shirt in anger and he tried really hard to hold in his laughter—when Derek held up his hand, a broken silvery device dangling from his fingers.

“I think I found your phone.”

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